Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Waiting room

Found this beautiful picture in the BPL flickr sets of the General Waiting room @ South Station.

Note the floor tiling. This is the original floor pattern used throughout the ground floor inside the station. The windows to the left point out towards Summer street. The wall on the right exits to the station midway & ticket booths.

This room, although reduced in size, is now the ticket office for Amtrak inside the station. When the station was restored in 1989, they restored the remaining ceiling to its original glory. If you walk into the Amtrak ticket office, take a look-up and you can still see it.

Also note the entrance on the right-hand side half way up. This is where the entrance to the waiting room joined the midway / platforms. This side of the entrance is very ornate with beautiful granite columns lining the entrance way and a cap that had "TO TRAINS" carved in it.

Today, If you turn around inside the ticket office, you can still see this entrance with "TO TRAINS" etched in the granite door cap with the tapered columns on each side of the entrance.

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